As a child, I loved telling stories more than anything in the world, whether that meant filling countless notebooks with short stories, hosting my own radio program called “the Fun and Funnier Show,” or convincing my siblings to act in plays I wrote and directed. Born and raised on a farm in Kansas, I moved to Southern California after high school graduation to attend film school.

Since then, I’ve created short films about Egyptian culture in Cairo, worked on country music videos in Nashville, and written for national publications like the Wall Street Journal, the Baltimore Sun, Ms., and the Tennessean. I’ve worked at Robb Report since 2015. As a staff writer, I conducted in-depth research to find original stories, interviewed experts across a variety of categories, and worked within tight deadlines to turn around daily digital articles, travel stories, and long-form pieces. As an associate editor, I oversee all real estate content for print and digital. I create and adhere to an editorial calendar, manage a monthly budget, and work with 10+ freelance writers to field pitches, develop ideas, edit stories, and oversee editorial packages for issues like Best of the Best. I increased digital traffic from 150,000 page views in the first quarter of 2017 to over 4.7 million page views by the end of the year, turning it into one of the two largest categories online out of 15 total. You can read more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

Next to storytelling, traveling is my favorite thing in the world. I’ve been everywhere from Egypt and St. Lucia to Scotland and Honduras. When I’m home in Los Angeles, you can often find me at the beach or searching for the best ice cream shops in the city.

You can reach me at